Our School - General Overview

We are a split site NSW Public School with campuses located at Port Macquarie and Casino NSW.

Our school's drawing area covers a large part of NSW stretching from Southern Lake Macquarie to the Queensland border and west to the Warialda district. (See the map download below for a representation of our school drawing area)

Our school caters for students who meet the established criteria for enrolment.

Currently the enrolment categories for Distance Education include:

  • Students geographically isolated
  • Students travelling within Australia
  • Students travelling / visiting overseas
  • Students with medical needs
  • Students in extraordinary circumstances 
  • Students unable to attend a local school due to behaviour / social challenges

 The high quality educational service provided by our school is based upon:

  • Quality education that caters for the individual needs of students
  • Context specific, personalised learning
  • A range of flexible learning opportunities
  • Effective integration of technologies and blended learning pathways
  • Diverse educational programs establishing strong student and family partnerships